Collection, dissemination and assessment of data are critical in the sustainable management of fisheries.  In many instances, a wide range of users rely on the same sets of fisheries data for different management purposes.  As such, the data needs to be in a fit state for use by fisheries managers, scientists, compliance staff and fishers alike.

We can leverage our experience as fisheries data managers, to provide you with cost effective solutions to improve the efficiency of fisher dependant data collection, data quality and accessibility.  

We support fisheries managers through the provision the following products and services;

  • Consulting Services to assess the information governance, management and operational frameworks necessary to support effective fisheries management.
  • ELEMENTS for Fisheries – our web-based fisheries software platform tailored to manage fisher details, licensing, catch data along with catch share allocation, trading and catch accounting
  • Cloud hosting and managed services

Through our partner network we can also offer a broader range of services and solutions specifically tailored to a wide range of fisheries needs.


Web-based fisheries software platform

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Web-based fisheries software platform

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"You can't manage what you don't know"

At FINNZ we know the importance of capturing quality data to provide fisheries managers and regulators with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Fisheries Data must be consistent, information standardised, shared between agencies, high quality and available in a timely manner.



Fishing for Data: Business Intelligence on the High Seas

White Paper

South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (SPRFMO) 

Making smarter decisions from rich sources of data is becoming one of the most important tools for organisations protecting and managing natural resources like fisheries.
At FINNZ we’ve become deeply immersed in how to apply disciplines like ‘Business Intelligence’ to extract valuable insights from fisheries data. This paper outlines that experience and highlights lessons for anyone wanting to ‘fish’ for the most useful data.

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