Agile Development for Fisheries Management

3 31, 2016

Last week we had the pleasure of being invited to present to Agile Connect, a special interest group for government IT professionals.

The subject of our presentation was "Agile Governance and Project Management – Lessons Learned", and was jointly presented by FINNZ General Manager, Mark Jones, and John Tucker, Programme Manager for the ‘Kupe’ project.

Starting in early 2014, FINNZ has been working with FishServe on the ‘Kupe’ project, which has implemented an Agile methodology as the means to deliver the new Fisheries Management Solution for NZ’s Commercial Fishing Industry.

The key goals of the Kupe Project are to create a world leading software platform capable of meeting the evolving needs of NZ’s Fisheries and Seafood Industry, and also be a marketable product for global Fisheries and similar regulated industries around the world.

The presentation gave insight to the project management and governance challenges and practices that FishServe and FINNZ have experienced using the Agile methodology, and how we have successfully overcome them as we progress through this project journey.

You can view the presentation slides here.

Posted on November 21, 2014

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