FINNZ Coastal Clean-up

5 26, 2016

In April the FINNZ team braved the notorious Wellington wind to come together with local New Zealand Charity Sustainable Coastlines to spend an afternoon cleaning up one of our local beaches.

Sustainable Coastlines coordinate and support large-scale coastal clean-up events, educational programs, public awareness campaigns and riparian planting projects. FINNZ were looking for a team building activity which could get the team out the office and doing something different. At FINNZ we are passionate about our oceans and beaches so we jumped at the chance to support and get involved with a charity that is close to our hearts.

The clean-up took place on a Friday afternoon at Houghton Bay, Oliver Vetter and Te Kawa Robb from Sustainable Coastlines joined us to give us a brief presentation of the issues facing our waters from single-use plastics and the simple solutions we can all do to help.

After a health and safety brief the team set out onto the beach. The team got right into it, sometimes on all fours through bushes and over rocks. At the end we were thrilled to find out the team had removed a whopping 400 litres (62.5 kilos) of rubbish!  We were surprised to see how much rubbish was hiding just out of sight, particularly in the rocky outcrop between Houghton and Princess Bays.

The team picked up a total of 2,995 items ranging from single use plastics, boat parts, toys and even a strange angel figurine holding a flower!?! The guys from Sustainable Coastlines, provided us with a full break down of what we collected, it was interesting to see what some of the most common pieces of rubbish were that we picked up. Check it out the full results at the bottom of this post.


The afternoon was enjoyed by all and it was awesome to hear about the work Sustainable Coastlines are doing and the importance of ensuring our waste does not make it to our beaches and oceans. If you are looking for a team building event that is a bit different, we highly recommend you get in touch with Sustainable Coastlines. Your team will get to enjoy some time out of the office while taking part in an educational yet rewarding team building event.

Take a look at Sustainable Coastlines Blog to see what they thought of the afternoon and make sure you have a read through their website to find out about all the work they do and any up and coming events that you could get involved in.

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