National Heritage in the Digital Age

4 27, 2016

Heritage can represent itself in many forms including a nation’s monuments, folklore, historical documentation and practices. A nation that has a firm connection with its heritage is one built on pride, strong values, self-worth and unity. Communities that have these foundations at their core appear more unified and stable.

The survival of a nation’s heritage is reliant on the passing down and sharing of historical and cultural information. The way we connect and share this type of information has changed drastically in recent years. In today’s world there is now an expectation that information is readily accessible and available anytime, anywhere. If content is not easily available online, it will now often be over looked and the likelihood that this information will be viewed and shared becomes greatly reduced. To help ensure the preservation of historic resources and to make this content more accessible there has been a rapid increase in the amount of national records being digitised across the world. By providing this information digitally, it is not only capturing it for future generations but it is offering it in a format that has the capabilities to have a much stronger reach within the society of today.

Although for this to happen, custodians of historical information are now needing super smart systems that facilitate easy management and access to this information. They desire ‘Google-like’ smart search capabilities that enable fast and accurate results for their users while providing a seamless process for uploading and managing this content.

The Queensland Government is one who has taken this exact approach to its heritage resources and clearly understands the importance of ensuring these resources are easily accessible and manageable. They recently launched a project which saw the digitalization of approximately 200,000 heritage documents and 80,000 images. They then needed a provider to assist them in devising a solution that could guarantee ease of access for both internal and external parties while offering an application that could stand up and function in the real world.

FINNZ were able to offer them exactly that and came to the party with a complete end-to-end solution that would meet their objectives both internally and externally. This “All in One” heritage solution was delivered by FINNZ on time and within budget while having all the functionality needed to operate effectively in the real world.

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Posted on November 10, 2015

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