New Zealand Quota Management System: Past & Future

9 8, 2016

This year marks the 30th year that New Zealand’s Quota Management System (QMS) has been in place. The Fisheries Act that was introduced back in 1986, set the foundations needed to build a responsible and well-functioning QMS. Over the years the QMS has undergone reforms, to adapt to the changing needs of the sector to ensure the system continues to provide a relevant management framework. This ability to evolve and acclimatise to the change in a fishery is pivotal to the success of any Fisheries management regime.

Many tools are needed to ensure the success of the QMS.  In fact robust software platforms have been essential in managing the data that underpins the QMS.   For the last two years FINNZ have been involved in the development of a new software solution which provides a flexible, user friendly, and technically advanced fisheries data management solution. Development of this new software has progressed well with it being successfully launched at the beginning of August to the industry.

This new software is designed with the future in mind. It is scalable to meet future requirements and demands while keeping up with today’s technology. The flexibility of this new software provides the NZ QMS with the support it needs to be able to effectively adapt to future collective initiatives, ensuring the success of the NZ QMS will continue. Its scalability also means it can be customised and used in the management of fisheries in other regions. Find out more about the software here.

This significant anniversary for NZ’s QMS was celebrated at this year’s annual New Zealand Seafood Industry conference which was held in Wellington on the 31st of August. The conference featured several international speakers including John Connelly, the president of the United States National Fisheries Institute and Professor Ray Hilborn from the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington. Both accredited speakers recognised the success of the QMS and of New Zealand’s seafood industry as a whole.

John Connelly commented, “New Zealand’s 30-year-old Quota Management System had led the way by providing a fine balance between utilisation and sustainability to ensure viable fisheries for current and future generations”.

The day also included talks on sustainability, industry reputation and economic outlook for 2017 and beyond.  For more information on the talks and other highlights from the day, check out Seafood New Zealand’s website

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