BI Tools: Fishing for the Most Useful Data

9 21, 2016

 White Paper - Fishing for Data: Business Intelligence on the High Seas

Making smarter decisions from rich sources of data is becoming one of the most important tools for organisations protecting and managing natural resources like fisheries.

This paper outlines our journey into the use of Microsoft’s family of self-service BI tools to extract valuable insights from fisheries data. It tells the story of that experience and highlights lessons for anyone wanting to find out more about a real world example of using Microsoft's suite of BI tools and for anyone who wants tips on how to ‘fish’ for the most useful data.

The white paper looks at: 

  • The collection of good quality data
  • The benefits of using each of Microsoft's BI tools
  • Lessons learned from our own BI tech journey 
  • And more...

See the slides below for more information or download the full white paper here

FINNZ White Paper: Fishing for Data from FINNZ IT Consultancy

Download the full white paper

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