Protecting your Data if a Disaster Strikes

12 8, 2016

Being located in Wellington, FINNZ are well aware of the potential threat of a natural disaster, particularly earthquakes.  The recent earthquake that hit Kaikoura, a town on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, and that rattled Wellington, was a very real reminder of this threat. For this reason FINNZ takes the security and protection of not only our data and that of our clients, very seriously. At FINNZ we also understand the importance of data security for our customers, hence we always ensure resilience of information is factored into the design of all our solutions so that whatever the threat there is a capability to recover.

FINNZ private cloud hosting is world class

FINNZ provides hosting services for many customers.  We selected Revera as our cloud services partner to provide FINNZ with a world class data centre to host our VMWare cloud infrastructure platform.  Check out Revera's video case study which looks at why FINNZ chose Revera as their global backup cloud provider. 

The primary datacentre used by FINNZ is located in Trentham, Wellington, New Zealand.  It is a government approved data centre, certified as Tier 3 under the TIA 942 certification and satisfies the IL3 structural rating for withstanding earthquake shock.  This facility also ensures the physical access controls stipulated within TIA 942 are adhered to.

The primary backup is also stored in a Government approved, NZ based cloud storage service that replicates the data to two other data centres in Auckland and Waikato.  This ensures geographic redundancy of the data and peace of mind for our customers.

FINNZ is prepared to keep you running

Should the worst happen our disaster recovery processes will ensure our customers are up and running again with the minimum of disruption.

Our thoughts are with all the people who have been affected by the quake in Kaikoura and we wish the area a speedy recovery.

Donate to the Kaikoura disaster relief fund here.

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