Voyage of Discovery for New Technology

3 31, 2016

Innovation is one of the best weapons we have in the fight to protect and enhance the world’s natural resources, fisheries just being one example.

New information technology solutions can transform the efficiency and effectiveness of the way we capture and report Fisheries information. Better information can then be used to inform policy and decision making, ultimately leading to the better protection and sustainable management of the world’s Fisheries.

This is the driving force behind the 'Kupe’ project to develop a new Fisheries Management System that FINNZ is developing with FishServe, to manage NZ’s $4.0b Commercial Fishing Industry.

Kupe is a famous voyager of Maori mythology, the great seafarer credited with the discovery of the islands of New Zealand. He is a revered figure amongst Maori, and symbolises the fearless and innovative Polynesian navigators who explored the Pacific.

That spirit of boldness and creativity underlies our Kupe project, which will enable government and industry to improve the management of fisheries stocks. It will be a tool for regulatory authorities to practically implement the structures they set up to protect their fisheries.

New Zealand is world renowned for its leading stance on environmental protection and sustainability. In 1986 New Zealand became the first country to introduce a property-rights based Quota Management System (QMS) system. FishServe, who administers the nation’s Quota Management System, developed the previous Fisheries Management System in 2001, on which Kupe is being built.

Kupe will help organisations improve the way they manage fishing quotas; monitor catch entitlements and associated returns; enable regulatory and enforcement bodies with better data; and gather data and insights to help improve policies.

Essentially a registry system, Kupe will enable organisations to register everyone involved in the catching, receiving and processing of fish in their jurisdiction. This will enable efficient licencing and permitting, catch entitlement tracking and reporting, quota management and approved fishing vessel registration.

As a modern technology platform, Kupe is being designed to integrate easily with other relevant systems; be accessible to anyone in the fishing supply chain, whether in an office or in the field; and designed to evolve as regulation and policy does.

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Posted on April 21, 2015

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